Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for deciding to register for membership with TSDSI. Please visit list of companies and check if your company name is listed in the list. If you don't find your company there, then please register your company as follows: As soon as you click appropriate membership category, you will be automatically guided by the website to create a login or account if you don't have one. Remember to create login or account with Company's email ID. After successful account creation, please visit the membership page to register your company. Please read the instructions given on the page carefully and then supply accurate information. If documents are not available, you may upload the same later. If your company registration process is successful then you will be taken to a page exclusively meant for you company. Details and statistics related to your company will be available there. Private information will be available only in your user page.

All queries can be generally directed to the Chairman. However please look into Contact Us page for specific contacts.

TSDSI has been approved for registration and registration number is S/1525/Distt. South/2013-14

To apply for TSDSI membership, please click here

If your company is registered with TSDSI and you can see the status in the list of companies then please create login with your company email ID as your email ID. Pls do not use personal email ID from providers like gmail, yahoo, etc. You wont be able to access online contents if you use personal email IDs.

Please read the Rules and Regulations (or Bye-law) of TSDSI which is available here to understand the working of TSDSI.

TSDSI will be the sole Indian telecom standards development organization representing India in all international standardization forums and bodies such as 3GPP/2 etc.

No. TSDSI will function according to its bylaws having representation from all stakeholders. The governing council will be an elected one. The chairman and vice chairman will also be elected ones. The Government will nominate 5 members on the council as per the bylaws.

The bylaws of TSDSI were framed consistent with bylaws of similar such national SDOs operating in other parts of the world like European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) of USA, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) of Japan, etc. The bye-laws have been drafted to suit the Indian requirements. While framing the bylaws, Department of Telecommunication (DoT), Government of India was also consulted extensively.


Modifications in the bylaws may not be possible at this stage, however, provisions exist in the bylaws to make appropriate modifications through a democratic process to be followed by general body meeting. To participate in general body meeting, it will be essential that companies and organizations first become members by paying the annual membership fee. Thus, it will be desirable that companies acquire membership fees atleast for initial year.

Some professionals from Industry, Academia and R&D labs have come together to register this organization in their individual capacities. All the registered members elected the current Governing Council through Voting

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