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The 6th ITU World Telecom Development Conference was held during March 29 - to April 10, 2010 at Dubai. The World Conference reviewed the programmes and activities of ITU-D sector in the last 4 years and formalized plans for the ITU-D role in the coming four year cycle for telecommunication/ICT development in the world.

The conference has introduced new study questions and revised some of the existing questions from the previous study cycle to be studied by the ITU-D Study groups during the next study group period.

As you may be aware that there are two study groups in ITU-D sector viz. Study group 1 - dealing with enabling environment, policies, cyber security framework etc., & study group 2 - dealing with applications and use of telecommunications and ICTs.

Accordingly, two national working groups have been formed with members from industry, academia, other departments, DoT, and other organizations. Considering the beginning of new study cycle and new study topics, nominations for the NWGs of ITU - D study groups are being sought. The existing membership of NWGs is enclosed.

Several existing questions have been revised by incorporating new and relevant aspects from policy, application perspective. Further, a few new questions have been introduced such as i). Creating smart society: socio-economic development form ICT applications ii). assistance to developing countries for implementing the inter-operaparability programmes iii). Access to cloud computing: Challenges and opportunities and iv). Policy regulatory aspects and technical aspects of the migration from existing networks to broadband network in developing countries including NGN, M- Services, OTT services and implementation of IPv 6 etc.

The full text of the revised and new questions and WTDC final report is enclosed for kind information. As discussed during the previous industry interaction and NWG meetings, it is relevant to identify subject matters experts for different study areas for coordinating and making effective contributions.

In view of this, you are kindly requested to send suitable nominations for study questions / study areas latest by 28th May, 2014 to further organize the national working group meetings.

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Final report [Created By : admin]
Final report.
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