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There is a need for an independent M2M platform, that is based on a single or heterogeneous communication technology on the one hand, with a set of standard common services (OSS, BSS and much more), and standardized device interfaces, that can be leveraged by multiple service providers, multiple user organizations and for multiple applications. Availability of standard interfaces on the communication and device facing sides of such a platform, will foster innovations in the communication and device segments, with assured quality of service.

TSDSI’s M2M group has undertaken study of various vertical segments to extract business requirements from an M2M/IoT perspective. This is intended to help cross pollinate useful features across different verticals for the overall benefit of the user community. Purpose of this exercise is to extract common requirements of all verticals which in turn will become candidates for M2M platform functionalities. It also brings out the India specific implementation experience and learnings. This will help aspiring M2M platform providers to gain an understanding of the drivers for successful field implementation in the Indian ecosystem. It is believed that, India geographical market itself is a representative sample for emerging economies. Therefore, a framework that is defined to address this segment, will help to serve the needs of emerging economies market too.

This document describes use cases in Smart Governance segment.

Created On:March 19, 2015    Attachment: TSDSI-M2M-TR-UCD_Smart_Governance-V0.1.0_20150317.docx