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First draft of Use cases for M2M Utilities segment is attached.
Created On:July 24, 2014    Attachment: Issue_Identification_Template_M2M_Utilities._V1.3.doc


  • 25 Feb 2015
  • Updated version of document attached. [Commented By : bindoo_srivastava]

    If you have attachments, please describe the contents, as people do not usually download attachments. You can use html tags.

    Attachment: M2M_WG_TR1_-_Utilities_v_1.3_bindoo_20150225.docx

  • 04 Aug 2014
  • Brief in less than 250 letters [Commented By : NarayananRajagopal]
    SCADA / DA Comms can be included - as we have started to use MPLS for SCADA Comms and utilities are no longer setting up discrete or proprietary networks. Distribution Automation uses cellular networks frequently, so should fall under M2M Comms. Switches, Reclosers, RMUs related Use cases need to be included. I will Update these in the next 2 days and upload.