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TSDSI Logo [Created By : admin]

TSDSI Logo which can be used in the all the official documents and meetings.

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This document contains the list of Automotive use cases identified till date along with their brief description.
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Standardization insights in NFV by Jan Ellsberger (Ericsson, Director - Network Technology Strategy) .
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TSDSI (Telecommunication Standards Development Society, India), an Indian standards organization, operating in PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode and comprising of Indian government, service providers, equipment vendors, equipment manufacturers, academic institutes and research labs as stake holders, was accepted as a member of GSC (Global Standards Collaboration). GSC is a global standards entity that enhances co-operation among the various standards bodies. It has a very limited membership with only 11 (including TSDSI) standards bodies as members and includes prestigious organizations like ITU (International Telecommunications Union), IEEE-SA and ETSI.

“We are delighted at the speedy approval of TSDSI membership into the GSC. A lot of innovation is happening in India and also many technologies need to be adapted for needs specific to India and developing countries” - said Dr. Kumar N. Sivarajan, Chairman, TSDSI & CTO, Tejas Networks Ltd.

“We are already actively engaged in the definition of 5G standards and M2M standards among others. A standards body like TSDSI can play a big role in standardizing these innovations, for speedy growth of a telecom eco-system in India to bring these innovations to the masses” – said Dr Abhay Karandikar, Secretary, TSDSI & HOD, Dept of Electrical Engg, IIT Bombay.

The 18th meeting of the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC), took place on 22 - 23 July 2014, hosted by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) in Sophia Antipolis, France.

A senior level delegation from the Government of India participated in this meeting and announced TSDSI (Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India) as India’s national telecommunications standards development organization. They, along with the Executive Director of TSDSI, apprised the assembled gathering of India’s incredible growth story in ICT, the ambitious plans for the future, and the central role TSDSI was poised to play within India and also globally.

While acceptance of new members into the GSC community typically takes years of discussions and negotiations, TSDSI’s application for membership was approved within a matter of months from its establishment earlier this year. Apart from TSDSI, at this meeting GSC welcomed the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) to its membership.

For more information please read the attached press release.

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The specifics of Internal Security, Public Safety with possible extensions to other relevant areas. The draft attached is the first document on the topic.
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First draft of Use cases for M2M Utilities segment is attached.
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  • 25 Feb 2015
  • Updated version of document attached. [Commented By : bindoo_srivastava]

    If you have attachments, please describe the contents, as people do not usually download attachments. You can use html tags.

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  • 04 Aug 2014
  • Brief in less than 250 letters [Commented By : NarayananRajagopal]
    SCADA / DA Comms can be included - as we have started to use MPLS for SCADA Comms and utilities are no longer setting up discrete or proprietary networks. Distribution Automation uses cellular networks frequently, so should fall under M2M Comms. Switches, Reclosers, RMUs related Use cases need to be included. I will Update these in the next 2 days and upload.

The presentations on IoT/M2M from different SDOs in the GSC 18 meeting. This meeting is being held in Sophia Antipolis, 22-23 Jul'14. This may serve as a reference for potential collaboration on different verticals of Indian interest. The vertical presentations can be downloaded as specified below: 1) eHealth Industry Expectation -> http://docbox.etsi.org/Workshop/GSC18/GSC(14)18_035_e_Health_industry_expectation.ppt 2) Smart Home Expectation -> http://docbox.etsi.org/Workshop/GSC18/GSC(14)18_036_Smart_Home_Expectation_in_Standards_HGI.ppt 3) Automotive Industry Expectation -> http://docbox.etsi.org/Workshop/GSC18/GSC(14)18_016_M2M_IoT_An_Automotive_Perspective.pdf
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The document contains the information about the Work Items which M2M Study group will focus, it includes the shortlisted verticals, horizontal requirements along with the champions of each Work Items. If you would like to be a part of any Work Group or have any thoughts or comments, please do share with us. We would love to receive suggestions.
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The document captures initial thoughts about overall objective of M2M - Automobile Work Group along with use cases. Request “M2M -Automobile Work Group” team members to download the document, add comments and uses case and upload as a new version as part of same discussion topic.
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  • 07 Aug 2014
  • Adding two more use cases for automobile sub group [Commented By : s_samar]
    I am modifying the attachment with two new use cases for the category, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure subgroup. These I am adding in the document for the tracking purpose. We will discuss them in our weekly calls as per the sequence decided.

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The presentation on Ultra Flash CSFB provided in the 3GPP SA2 meeting as motivation for the e-CSFB WID. The e-CSFB - "Enhanced CSFB" WID was approved in the 3GPP SA2 meeting in May'14 and is also a work item within RNES WG.
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The 6th ITU World Telecom Development Conference was held during March 29 - to April 10, 2010 at Dubai. The World Conference reviewed the programmes and activities of ITU-D sector in the last 4 years and formalized plans for the ITU-D role in the coming four year cycle for telecommunication/ICT development in the world.

The conference has introduced new study questions and revised some of the existing questions from the previous study cycle to be studied by the ITU-D Study groups during the next study group period.

As you may be aware that there are two study groups in ITU-D sector viz. Study group 1 - dealing with enabling environment, policies, cyber security framework etc., & study group 2 - dealing with applications and use of telecommunications and ICTs.

Accordingly, two national working groups have been formed with members from industry, academia, other departments, DoT, and other organizations. Considering the beginning of new study cycle and new study topics, nominations for the NWGs of ITU - D study groups are being sought. The existing membership of NWGs is enclosed.

Several existing questions have been revised by incorporating new and relevant aspects from policy, application perspective. Further, a few new questions have been introduced such as i). Creating smart society: socio-economic development form ICT applications ii). assistance to developing countries for implementing the inter-operaparability programmes iii). Access to cloud computing: Challenges and opportunities and iv). Policy regulatory aspects and technical aspects of the migration from existing networks to broadband network in developing countries including NGN, M- Services, OTT services and implementation of IPv 6 etc.

The full text of the revised and new questions and WTDC final report is enclosed for kind information. As discussed during the previous industry interaction and NWG meetings, it is relevant to identify subject matters experts for different study areas for coordinating and making effective contributions.

In view of this, you are kindly requested to send suitable nominations for study questions / study areas latest by 28th May, 2014 to further organize the national working group meetings.

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This document published in 4G Americas website covers key areas that are been looked upon beyond release 12. http://www.4gamericas.org/documents/4G%20Mobile%20Broadband%20Evolution%20Rel-11%20%20Rel%2012%20and%20Beyond%20Feb%202014%20-%20FINAL.pdf
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This is certified copy as obtained from Registrar of Society, Delhi.
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Registration certificate of TSDSI as Non-profit society under Delhi State Law.
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Rules and regulations [Created By : admin]
Bye law of TSDSI, as approved by DoT. This document is not changed since approved by DoT.
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Letter from DoT recognizing TSDSI as India's Telcom SDO. Herein, DoT also approves the bye-law and MoA.
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Please use this template to upload your contributions until we prepare online upload forms and database management system for automatic filtering of issues, cataloging and numbering of the issues. This template is temporary and this location for the document is also temporary. For submitting the completed forms, please use: rahul@tsdsi.org
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Letter of intent to cooperate was signed with ARIB, CCSA, ETSI, TTA and TTC.
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Overview of TTC [Created By : admin]
Presented at "Path to 5G" workshop. By Mr. Yoichi Maeda, CEO and Senior Vice-President, TTC, Japan.
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Presentation delivered at "Path to 5G" workshop. “Capacity Limits of Cloud Radios”, Prof. Kiran Kuchi, IIT Hyderabad.
Created On:November 21, 2013